180 shaved heads

180 shaved heads

Shedding your glorious hair that you had kept since young!

Not a faint idea, right? Yet 180 people have pledged to do that and have had their heads shaved by 20 hairdressers for a good cause on July 16.

Their sacrifices were not in vain; for they have collectively helped to raise funds at a charity event in aid of the needy seeking treatments at Penang Adventist Hospital (PAH).

PAH collected donation worth about RM460,000 (as of July 20) to-date from good Samaritans and expects more to flow in from pledges to strive to hit the targeted RM1 million mark.

It was a hive of activity on the hospital’s seventh floor multi-storey car park when the event, organised for the third time, was successfully held.

The 180 were not alone; their bravery has prompted many people to show up to support the “Go Bald Go the Distance” and created excitement and generated a deep sense of admiration from all those present.

PAH Chief Executive Officer Ronald Koh, in his welcoming speech, commended the courage of the Go Bald participants and expressed his gratitude to members of the public for their generous donations.

First-time participant N. Anchali, 22, had a mixed feeling to have his head shaved and losing her dreadlocks hair but harboured no regrets in lending her support of the hospital’s Dr. J. Earl Gardner Fund.

“I feel relieved but sad though because I love my hair. At the same time, I feel refreshed without any hair. My aim is to help Adventist raise funds to assist the less fortunate and I am happy to do my part,” the private college tutor said after going bald.

The oldest participant Lee Ean Teng, at 87, went bald to encourage others to donate to the needy to prove that age is no hindrance to lead by example.

“I am honoured to be part of the event to give back to the community,” Lee said.

A charity food fair was held at the same venue in conjunction with the charity event.

PAH Charity unit manager Jenny Ooi said she expects more pledges to come in to fill the fund’s coffers and is all praise to the members of the public for their generosity, care and concern wherever there is a call for help.