Art Gallery: Nyonya motif art masterpieces

Art Gallery: Nyonya motif art masterpieces

Illustrator and pop art artist Tiffiny Choong  is showcasing her black and gold strokes of Nyonya motif masterpieces at the G Hotel’s art gallery.

The event is her first solo venture art exhibition entitled “Treasure of a Straits Chinese”.

Tiffany Choong grew up in a complex household of strong Chinese traditions but that did not stop her from seeing life in a different perspective.

G Hotel general manager Michael Hanratty receiving an artwork from Choong.

She had studied and worked in the UK, France, Tanzania and Singapore.

As a double degree holder in French language and Interior Design, Tiffany was pursuing a career as an Interior Designer before expanding to Fine Art and Illustration.

She discovered her passion in drawing animals, flowers and everyday objects and after almost four years and more than 1,000 sketches later, it has become a way of life for her.

“My art is created with passion and comes from the heart. Every work has a story to tell,” she says at the gallery.

Tiffany’s work focuses on the popular Nyonya motifs in black and gold and invites her viewers to rediscover and appreciate these visual symbols in a modern context.

Tiffany also does mural drawings as one of her first murals can be seen on the famous Lebuh Stewart in Penang and is known as Stewart the seagull.

Tiffany’s sketches have connected her to the world through social media whereby her works have inspired many people to start their very own personal journeys in life.

The exhibition is on until April 30, 2018.