Art with energy and humour

Art with energy and humour

The works of freestyle artist Charles Stephen Ramachandran are currently being featured at the G Art Gallery in Penang.

Some 40 “heartily humorous” acrylic on canvas paintings will be on display until July 31.

The theme of the exhibition – Coming Around – is inspired by hearts and the circle of experiences in Charles’ daily life.

Far from banal, the artist actually translates the energy flow, abstract movements and textures captured from his experiences and present them as artistic humour.

Apart from being a self-taught artist, Charles is also a hairstylist by profession, a yoga instructor and a stand-up comedian. His stage name is Charlie Boy.

“I try to capture the flow of energy and its unseen movements from my experiences, from hairdressing to yoga, to familiar shapes and textures with the sense of humour in all that I come across,” he explains.

Coming Around is certainly not the last act in his artistic play. He is currently working on another project. He calls it Full Circle, and he promises it will be an awe-inspiring art show of 144 pieces of 3.5ft by 3.5ft acrylic on canvas. They have been inspired by circles, orbs, bubbles, auras and energy fields. Charles expects to take four years to finish the project.

As evident in his works, Charles’ passion for the arts goes back to his childhood when he would inspire others to play with colours.

He is a firm believer in resourcefulness and hard work over talent. Ironically, this little-known artist is colour blind. Despite the odds, he perseveres by trial and error to get it right.

Drop in at the G Art Gallery on Level 1 of Link Bridge at G Hotel, Gurney Drive in Penang, to view the paintings. Inquiries on purchases should be directed to the reception counter.