Carlsberg launches new draught beer

Carlsberg launches new draught beer

Beer lovers will now have a new choice of the beverage to enjoy with the launch of Carlsberg draught beer recently.

Dubbed the smoothest beer in the world, “Carlsberg Smooth Draught” is now available in single-serve pint bottles and available in neighbourhood bars and golf clubs nationwide.

A trade launch was held recently at Ozoo Penang along Beach Street. The club has emerged as the hottest nightspot in the island of late.

(From left) Wai Lin Tan Rover Tan, Lim, Nash Foo and Ng Keng Heap.

“Gone are the days where consumers can only enjoy a draught beer in a bar or pub equipped with sophisticated draughr beer machine and tapping devices.

“With our new innovation, we have raised the bar to a whole new level by launching sleek beautiful 325ml single-serve pint bottle,” said Carslberg regional sales manager LIm Eng Wah.

He added that since the launch of the new beer, it has managed to capture the hearts of many beer consumers who prefer smoother beer.

“At Carlsberg, we have brought the true enjoyment of draught beer to a whole new level. No beer machine needed, no tapping device required.

“Simply enjoy the smoothest beer anytime, anywhere,” added Lim who also celebrated his birthday during the launching ceremony.

Present were the directors of Ozoo Penang, brothers Rover Tan and Wai Lin Tan who joined hands to help launch the new beer.

A large crowd of guests had the opportunity to sample the new draught beer.