Display of Exquisite Japanese Dolls

Display of Exquisite Japanese Dolls

The Japanese doll exhibition at Penang State Museum is an eye-opener of the Land of the Rising Sun and the country’s rich cultural traditions.

Do make a pit stop at the museum for an up close and personal encounter with the adorable, sophisticated Japanese dolls, past and present which have been brought all the way from Japan in its overseas tour.

Themed “Shapes of Prayer. Embodiment of Love”, the exhibition is a showcase of Japanese steeped historic doll culture under one roof at Jalan Macalister.

Elegant, creative and with details crafted to perfection, the Japanese dolls represent its people donned in various traditional attires across all regions.

They comprise real and fairy tale characters, warriors and people in their lives in different eras. The exhibits are still made for household shrines back in Japan, formal gifts and festivals such as Hinamatsuri, the doll festival and Kodomo No Hi, the Children’s Day.

The Dolls of Japan exhibition in Penang, with narrations of each different category, introduces a part of everyday life in the country since ancient times.

The intricate dolls reflect Japanese customs and aspirations of the people.

Dolls also showcase Japanese craft products such as textiles. The doll-making culture started as early as 10,000 years way back in the ancient Jomon culture in Japan.

The exhibition at the Penang State Museum is on-going untilĀ Aug 28. Prior to Penang, the dolls were exhibited in Petaling Jaya, Selangor ad Sabah.

The Penang-leg event is organised by the Japan Foundation and Penang State Museum with the cooperation of Consulate-General of Japan.