Experience augmented reality @ Melaka Interactive Park

Experience augmented reality @ Melaka Interactive Park

Words and photos by Harny Abu Khair

 3D museum is a perfect place to act silly with family and friends. It is a ‘magical’ place where you can definitely come up with funny and hilarious poses to have fun with and to act out the child in you. However, with too many 3D museums popping up, it is difficult to find the one that has the extra edge that would attract visitors.

Mural at The Shore 3D Interactive Park.

If you are one of those who always looking for something new, then head over to The Shore 3D Interactive Park that recently opened at The Shore Shopping Gallery.

The Shore Interactive Park is located at The Shore Shopping Gallery

What makes the museum different from the others is not the number of dimensions it offers, but the new elements that are introduced to make it more fun to visitors.

Apart from the usual murals on the walls, visitors to the 3D Interactive Park might want to take videos while posing with some of the animations. This augmented reality element is really fun as it perks up the imagination. A small screen placed at the front allows visitors to see the moving animations to strike a better pose at the right moment.

A visitor posed in front of a mural wall with an animated ‘tiger’ moving towards her.

Visitors may take pictures or videos of themselves swimming with piranhas, become an astronaut, be ‘attacked’ by prehistoric animals or playing with cute but dangerous polar bears.

There are 13 element themes offering 60 experiences to visitors in this indoor theme park, the first and biggest in Melaka.

A night in Paris?

The 3D mural and video experiences are enhanced with the Day and Night Dual View where visitors can experience and take pictures either as a simulated daylight or at night time.

Another attraction to the 3D Interactive Park is its hologram stage, which is also the first in Melaka.

According to the The Shore 3D Interactive Park Chief Executive Officer Chew Cher Fong, presently only hologram fireworks show is displayed at the hologram stage and there are plans to include other shows such as hologram traditional dances in future.

Visitors at the park can also use 3D glasses to see three-dimensional images and learn about the universe and amphibian habitat.

Let’s dance like Michael Jackson in Smooth Criminal.

If you’re a fan of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and always wonder how he can do the Smooth Criminal dance routine, then why not head to Gravity Hill room and pose like you’re a pro dancer like him too.

Normal mural at The Shore 3D Interactive Park.

The Shore Interactive Park is located at Level 2FS-01 and 2FS-46 in The Shore Shopping Gallery, Melaka. It is opened daily from 10.30am until 9pm. Last entry is at 8pm.

Ticket is priced at RM30 (adult) and RM20 (children).