Export quality smoking pipes made in Penang

Export quality smoking pipes made in Penang

Many are unaware that Malaysian-made pipes are popular in the international market for their intricate designs and skilful work on the finished product.

Smoking pipes are enjoyed by a select group of smokers who enjoy the craftsmanship and intricate designs on individual pipes.

The market for pipes are in Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore.

A shop making these export quality pipes in Penang is Johnsson OSL Pipes whose workshop is in Fettes Park in Tanjung Bungah.

The man behind each of these individually-crafted creations is Johnsson Ooi who started his business way back in 2004 as a hobby.

Ooi at work

“I had some training in craving in Chiangmai in Thailand with a friend and I wanted to try it out as I found it interesting and challenging.

“One thing led to another and later I managed to undergo training in Italy by a master pipe maker Bertram Safferling in 2007 and the rest is history,” said Ooi to where2 in an exclusive interview.

Now, Johnsson OSL pipes are among the premium range of smoking pipes in the country and abroad.

Most of Ooi’s handmade pipes are exported while others are sold to local enthusiasts.

“We use special briar wood imported from countries like Algeria, Greece and countries in the Mediterranean region.

“I have to choose carefully each piece of wood for designing and craving purposes. So far, I have crafted hundreds of pipes for my clients.

“Many of my work can be viewed on my website on www.johnssonpipes.com,” added Ooi.

“Every pipe is unique and has an artistic character story to tell. My workshop has been thronged by many clients and visitors who want to see for themselves the making of pipes.

“The pipes come with a warranty to ensure that there is no defect in materials and superb workmanship,” added the master craftsman.

Among his memorable creations include “Freehand”, “Bulldog” , “Volcano”, “Apple” and “Zulu”.

Ooi is a member of the Malaysian Handicraft Corporation and regularly participates in exhibitions in Middle East, Hong Kong, Germany and United Kingdom.

Johnsson OSL pipes brands are available online @ Pipesart.com (Germany) and PipeHub.com (US). Ooi can be reached at handphone number 016-4991880.