Feel the Adrenaline Rush @ Skytrex Adventure Melaka

Feel the Adrenaline Rush @ Skytrex Adventure Melaka

Words and photos by Harny Abu Khair

Who would have guessed, tucked in between the tar roads for joggers and cyclists in Melaka Botanical Garden in Ayer Keroh, there is an extreme adventure park especially for adrenalin junkies who have no vertigo problem.

The Skytrex Adventure Melaka is now a hit among teenagers and youths who are looking for new outdoor challenges and kicks.

The Skytrex Melaka is the third branch of Skytrex Adventure for extreme sports; apart from their sister outlets in Shah Alam, Selangor and Langkawi, Kedah.

The extreme trails at Skytrex Melaka are divided into three categories: Little Dino for beginners, Pahlawan Thrill for the intermediate and Extreme Warrior for those wanting to try the advanced trail.

The UFO challenge looks easy but not for those who are afraid of height

Among the extreme trails for Pahlawan Thrill are the Cable Walk, U-Rope, Earthquake and Tarzan Swing. Meanwhile for the obstacles, for the Extreme Warriors including climbing using the Ladder Up, Monkey Bar, UFO Challenge and the anticipated Skybike.

Skybike is where participants will have to hop on a special bicycle, cycle across a wire, of course strapped up for safety with body harness. Despite the feeling that you’re doing a circus gig, this is still an extreme sport where safety is priority.

Most of the challenges require a degree of fitness. For instance, the Cable Walk challenge may look simple where participant needs to walk on a stretch of cable wire about 250 meter.

Looks simple, but it actually needs ones strength and good balance to be able to cross to the other side.

Participants need to be healthy as once you got on to the challenge, there’s no turning back

One thing for sure, once you climb up to the platform to start your course, there is no turning back. Each participant will have to complete the whole course as there is no way down until you’ve completed the trail.

Meanwhile, for those who want to swing like a tarzan, the Tarzan Swing is for you. First, a participant will have to climb up the tree and then manoeuvre himself to the spider web rope.

For the Earthquake, Ladder Up, Monkey Bar, UFO and Skybike challenges, once again the participants need to climb a rope ladder to reach a platform about 20 metres high. It takes some stamina to climb the ladder but the trainers are there to help.

It may be tough but after you have finished the course, you may be able to smile and say to yourself: “I did it!”

The most anticipated challenge would be the Skybike where it is the only challenge available in Malaysia.

One of the participants trying out the UFO challenge

Apart from catering for small groups for trails and challenges, Skytrex also offers bigger groups for team building activities. Whenever they have big groups wanting to use the facilities, the Skytrex management will bring in more trainers and facilitators to ensure that all safety measures are adhered to.

The management have a policy where each trainer will take care of a maximum of five participants as extreme sports require participants to be fit and mentally strong.

Apart from the trainers helping the participants, staff are on standby monitoring from the ground and all have basic First Aid training.

Female participants who are pregnant or those who have high blood pressure, asthma or heart problems are not allowed to take part in this sport.

For details, check out http://www.skytrex-adventure.com. So, why not leave your gadgets at home and start doing outdoor activities to stay healthy and fit.