Fisherman’s Wharf Langkawi, the place to be!

Fisherman’s Wharf Langkawi, the place to be!

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do,

When in Langkawi, Fisherman’s Wharf is the place to be!”

Nestled in the south of Langkawi, the Fisherman’s Wharf is located where you are set to find numerous food and beverage outlets as well as activities for the whole family that has an enchanting view of the marina and a backdrop of the most stunning sunset.

The Royal Langkawi Yacht Club started this development in 2015 in line with the Prime Minister’s idea of making Langkawi the “Riveria of Asia”.  And this is how the new establishment – Fisherman’s Wharf – initiated not only providing the community with dining options but also 44 well-designed hotel rooms.


The wharf has dining options from the famous Jake’s Charbroiled Steakhouse for their famous cut of meat, the Scarborough Fish and Chips where you may find deep fried to pan fried ‘Pub Grubs’, Sugar Daddy’s which is Langkawi’s finest homemade gelato & Ice cream; while downstairs there are Lapaq Ayaq where local dishes are offered and lastly the well-known Charlie’s Bar & Grill where you can find various dishes from Asian to Western servings from noon till late.

Live music in Charlie’s are on every Thursdays and Fridays with a compilation from old school to hip hop.  Local buskers may be found on the ground floor of the Wharf serenading every evening.

Malaysia is known for her colourful diversity.  All these cultures have influenced each other by creating a truly “Malaysian Culture”.  The largest ethnic groups in Malaysia are the Malays, Chinese and Indians.  In East Malaysia, there are a myriad of indigenous ethnic groups with their unique culture and heritage.

All of these cultures can be seen not only in their respective states, but through cultural performances which are made available on the wharf twice weekly.  To add to this charm, a professional fire blower shows off his amazing talent to patrons.

From accommodation to dining options, entertainment to activities, the Fisherman’s Wharf has it all.

Taking up the 1st floor of the wharf premises are 44 well thought-out boutique rooms, where simplicity meets comfort. The Langkawi Yacht Club Hotel has since May 2016 started its operation and is looking forward to the rapid increase of guests checking in ever since.

The main dive centre, East Marine, has their roots here at the Wharf and for other activities, Pic a Place, a one-stop travel agency is more than happy to help you with designing your itinerary here on the island.

If you fancy a cruise on either a sail boat or a power yacht, there are yacht brokers as well as private charter companies just to name a few.

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