Food Find : Little known biggest wet market

Food Find : Little known biggest wet market

The Apollo Market is not only the biggest wet market in Penang, but boosts the widest selection of groceries and delicious street food to suit everyone.


With a floor size the equivalent of a football field, the T-shaped market located off the bustling Jalan Raja Uda, Butterworth, is not unlike Chatuchak in Bangkok, Thailand.


The market is divided into the raw food section and local delicacies. Hundreds of stalls await visitors every morning offering, among others, Penang hawker fare including roti canai, dim sum, Chinese pancake, char koay teow and wan tan mee.


A new roofing over the hawker stalls provides the much-needed shade for visitors to have their meals in comfort. Here we showcase some of what you will find there.

The homemade dim sum at the Apollo Market comprises freshly daily made steamed buns and dumplings.

The morning session draw in people that make a beeline to savour the handcrafted delicacies. Some 30 types of items are available daily.

The vegetarian fritters local delicacies are crunchy. The crispy dough fritters in various shapes and sizes are the must-try items at the Apollo Market.

The sisters’ roti canai is being sold like hot cakes daily at the Apollo Market The tasty local delicacy is a hit among customers and people have ordered the items to be made extra crunchy.

The pineapples grown on the mainland are available at the Apollo Market. The sweet and juicy fruit being sold at the one and only dedicated pineapple stall at the venue caters for consumption and ritual prayers purposes.

The Chinese pancakes or crepes feature banana slices on top of the usual crushed peanuts sprinkled make even the seasonal foodies drool. The roadside stall at the Apollo Market is a must visit for first-timers.

The sweet and and savory biscuits being sold at the stalls are crispy, the sticky paste inside is palatable and the name is aptly known as “The Angel Brand”, to reflect its heavenly taste.