Food hunt in Bayan Lepas

Food hunt in Bayan Lepas

You would not have expected this; hunting for good delicious food in and around Bayan Lepas. Here’s my choice for your picking.

Azuma Japanese Restaurant

To describe this place in one sentence, it would be, a high-end Japanese eatery but worth every penny spent. Servings at Azuma are fresh. Although the restaurant is almost full all the time, food ordered will reach your table in less than 15 minutes upon ordering. Salmon skin salad with sesame dressing is the must try dish at Azuma Japanese!

Nasi 7 Benua

Rice at Nasi 7 Benua is cooked with different herbs separately, which gives out 7 different coloured rice. Food here is not only a great treat for your tummy, but also for your eyes. The prices of the dishes here are also comparatively cheaper than most places. The popular 7 types of rice and a piece of chicken costs RM6.

Hai Boey Seafood

This waterfront seafood restaurant sits on the beach at Teluk Kumbar after Bayan Lepas on the way to Balik Pulau. You have to weave through the “kampong” or Teluk Kumbar village to get there. Signature dishes at Hai Boey are the claypot steam fish, Hor Fun with prawn and bean curd. These are some of the must try dishes there.

Arang Coffee

The name of this café is strange sounding but few would be disappointed with what Arang Coffee offers. Dishes at this café are served in a big portion to satisfy everyone. Overall, the coffee served is decent and the mocha ice-blended coffee is out of the world as it is very different from the typical mocha coffee around Penang.

Ric’s Burger

Ric’s Burger is a small joint at One World that offers one of the fluffiest burgers in town. Everything on Ric’s menu is cooked with fresh ingredients in an open kitchen so you can watch the magic happening before you. Customers have a choice of either pork or beef patty for their burgers. Their simplistic menu is also an attractive feature as it features burger in two different categories only. Regular for RM5 and Cheese for RM6. Extra patty for RM3, bacon (RM2), cheese and egg (RM1) each.