Melaka opens new world-class theatre, ENCORE MELAKA

Melaka opens new world-class theatre, ENCORE MELAKA

A newly opened world-class theatre in Melaka, ENCORE MELAKA has since hosted one of its grandest show yet, retelling famous Melakan tales produced by critically-acclaimed director, Wang Chaoge who is also behind the Opening Ceremony of the 2008
Olympic Games in Beijing.

The grand theatre boasts innovative and stunning video projection mapping, with a capacity to seat more than 2,000 people in its one-of-a-kind 360-degree rotating audience platform.

The ENCORE MELAKA at Impression City has since showcased three private shows so far and managed to raise an amount of RM60,000 to support the Toh Puan Zurina Foundation.

Sharing that ENCORE MELAKA was more than just a show but to inspire and support communities in Melaka, CEO of Yong Tai Berhad and visionary behind ENCORE MELAKA Datuk Wira Boo Kuang Loon also said that the group believes in giving back, that is through catering to patients who are unable to afford treatments that can be costly on a long-term basis.

The collected funds was channelled to the Toh Puan Zurina foundation to support the haemodialysis centre that provides dialysis treatment for low income patients.

Datuk Hajah Radhuana Salleh, CEO of Toh Puan Zurina Foundation thanked ENCORE MELAKA for the raised funds and said it will be of great help for them to provide medications to the patients and run their facilities at their fullest capacity.

The ENCORE MELAKA will be open to public from July 1 onwards. It is located at the city’s waterfront at Impression City in Kota Syahbandar.