Mrs Asia / World / Universe Pageant 2018

Mrs Asia / World / Universe Pageant 2018

Unlike other beauty pageants which only cater for single and unmarried damsels, the Mrs Asia / World / Universe 2018 pageant served as a platform for married ladies to show off their charm and personality and assert their fashion statements.

The inaugural event was a “three-in-one” competition offering top three winners the golden opportunity to represent the country at the international stage.

Participants from all over the country took part in the competition vying for top spots held recently at the Star City Hotel in Alor Star, Kedah.

The event also saw the support and presence of the Kedah royal house with the presence of Tengku Puteri Intan Shafinaz Sultan Abdul Halim along with Star City Hotel general manager Eugene Dass.

Winners for each category received the winner’s crown, cash award of RM1,000, a sash and beauty products worth RM10,500 each.

(from left) Chin Lee Lee, Teh Hoey Fern and Ow Yong Huey Huey.

After parading in three rounds in casual wear, jeans wear and evening/elegant wear, belly dance instructor Chin Lee Lee, 46 won the Asia category, while Ow Yong Huey Huey, 32, was judged the winner of the World category and recreation manager Teh Hoey Fern, 39, won the Universe category.

Chin, who owns the Sha Belly Dance studio in Sungai Petani, came to know about the pageant through her sister.

“My sister came across this meet on Facebook and started bugging me to take part and show off my talents.

“Although I have never taken part in any beauty pageant before in my life, I managed to gather enough courage to sign up for the event,” said Chin who is blessed with three children aged 13, 17 and 21.

Her businessman husband was also supportive in her venture and brought along her children to the final rounds to give moral support to Chin.

“I did not have to prepare too much as part of my experience in being a belly dance instructor helped me to be confident when on the stage to do the catwalk with grace,” adds Chin who likes to read and attend to her garden in her spare time.

Another winner for the Mrs Universe category was Teh Hoey Fern, 39, from Penang.

She is a recreation manager by profession and has vast experience in the beauty pageant and modelling field as she is involved in the industry in the past 18 years before her marriage.

“I came to know of the beauty pageant through friends who encouraged me to take part, although I was confident during the casual and evening wear sessions, I did not want to be over confident.

“I was pleasantly surprised and grateful when my name was announced.

“Being one of the winners now brought back fond memories of my numerous beauty pageants which I had taken part previously,” added Teh who is married to her operations director husband based in Bangkok.

She is blessed with a daughter aged two and often travels on job requirements.

“Among my travel include trips to Europe, USA, Korea, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and of course Thailand to visit my husband frequently.

“The most interesting part of the pageant for me was when the emcee asked a question about foreign languages and it could be a more perfect question for me as I speak six languages.

“Among them are Thai, Malay, English, Mandarin, Hokkein and Cantonese. I am also keen to learn more new languages and different cultures,” adds Teh who lists travelling and interior design among her hobbies.

Meanwhile, Ow Yong Huey Huey, from Alor Star who runs a baby one stop outlet was judged the winner of the Mrs World category.

Although a first timer at the beauty pageant, she paraded with grace and poise to impress the judges.

“I have no experience in any beauty pageant but took part just for the fun and to gain experience.

“Now, being one of the winners, I hope to do well in the international finals where women from all over the world will gather,” adds Ow, a mother of a baby girl..

The international level finals for the Mrs Asia / World / Universe 2018 pageant will be held in Bangkok in November this year.

Participants from all over the world are expected to vie for top honours.

The national level competition was organised by Yunke Worldwide Trading represented by Karen Low and Ong Lily while Ally Leong from 576 World Event management was the co-organiser.