Nasi Ambeng at Warong Ibu in Tanjung Karang

Nasi Ambeng at Warong Ibu in Tanjung Karang

If you ever find yourself travelling north via the coastal road in Selangor, passing through the district of Kuala Selangor, and it’s just about lunch time, head over to the popular Warong Ibu in Tanjung Karang, and treat yourself to an authentic and sumptuous Javanese meal, fondly referred to as Nasi Ambeng, or known to some as Nasi Ambang.

You couldn’t miss the roadside open-air restaurant as there is a big red signboard at the entrance to an ample parking space.

For the tech-savvy patrons, set your GPS locator to N 03 24.671, E101 11.817, or simply Google for 6th Mile, Kampung Sungai Gulang-Gulang, Tanjung Karang – which is on Route 5 of the Kuala Selangor-Teluk Intan trunk road.

Nasi Ambeng is actually a set of value meal consisting of servings of rice, chicken, noodles, vegetables and coconut floss. Served atop a layer of banana leaf in a round tray, the meal is big enough for two or four diners, depending on each individual’s appetite for the day.

The combination of the dishes, and even fragrant rice, differ from state to state, with some claiming the original version also comes with servings of fish, among the Javanese communities in Johor and Singapore.

Priced at RM20 per tray, inclusive of drinks, Nasi Ambeng at Warong Ibu is a must-try when travelling in the vicinity. The dishes are cooked by the restaurant owner herself, 65-year-old Ibu Kamtinah, ever since the business started over a decade ago.