Nothing short of Exhilarating and Uplifting

Nothing short of Exhilarating and Uplifting

These are the two words to describe the thrill of being airborne while ‘flying’ zipline operated by Umgawa Zipline Eco Adventures.

Imagine the exhilaration of feeling being free as a bird, and if “flying” in the air with minimal fuss is your aspiration, look no further to experience the adrenaline rush at Umgawa.

For many, the zipline adventure is highly recommended as a must-do in the bucket list, especially among the outdoor junkies.

The operator has the strictest safety measures in place to ensure guests are always latched on safety line at all times, so just sit back in the harness that is strapped to your upper body and take flight.

Enter Jungle Flight, the shorter route that takes about an hour soaring through the treetops on six ziplines, a sky bridge and an abseil descent. It offers no less thrill with half the time from the original Big Waterfall Adventure that lasts 2.5 hours.

Yours truly overcome the ‘butterfly in the stomach’ anxiety after the third ziplines and thereafter was enjoying every second zipping through the air.

Breathe in the fresh forest air, and be amazed by the wildlife – insects and lizards – that appear uninvited to greet visitors that can be spotted near the trees.

The longest distance between two zipline points is 100 meters. Guests can take time to enjoy the lush greenery around while traversing over the treetops.

Jungle Flight is a perfect alternative to opt for visitors who have a packed sightseeing schedule.

The longer Big Waterfall Adventure takes 2.5 hours to criss-cross 12 ziplines, three sky bridges and the abseil descent. With this complete experience, you will be rewarded with the spectacular views of Machinchang Peak, Seven Wells and the Andaman Sea.

Sky rangers who lead the adventure elaborate on technical issues and information about the world’s oldest rainforest that serves as the backdrop of the zipline adventure.

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