Optical illusions at its best

Optical illusions at its best

Step into the Made in Penang Interactive Museum and Glow in the Dark Museum here and be dazzled by hordes of optical illusions being displayed at the two 3D attractions.

The Interactive Museum is the first of its kind in Penang at Weld Quay. Wall arts depicting Botanic Gardens and a spiralling lighting down towards a tunnel greet visitors for a visual feast.

Next, on the first floor is the Chinese Opera mask animation and if you stand at a certain distance from a special screen, a digitised mask is superimposed on your face, giving you a funny mean look! The scene has led many visitors in stitches.

Numerous features of wall murals provide much fun and laughter, and one have to tilt the camera phones to feel the full brunt of the visual effects.

One interesting Penang landmark you must have in your album is a photo of yourself dangling precariously at the edge of the Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower.

Another for the more courageous is to witness your head being decapitated and served on a plate on a dining table which is a scene not for the faint-hearted.

At the corridor, there are wall murals to show yourself in the act of parasailing and rowing.

The second pit stop was another feast to the eyes, a mere 10 minutes’ drive away is the Glow in the Dark Museum at Lebuh Kimberley.

Check out the glowing colourful interiors in the Infinity Room, where jellyfish dangles off the ceiling’s multi-layers of mirror and at another section, a bevy of butterflies dotting the ceiling.

The highlight is perhaps the artwork “Water and Fire”, a contemporary 3D masterpiece. Another that is mind-blowing is the scene of a cascading waterfall that suddenly turned into an erupting volcano spewing burning lava from a crater.

Other features include a glowing forest, underwater world, sun-flower garden, a stargazing session on the lunar surface and a ride on the Cinderella carriage.

A wide range of knick-knacks comprising glowing T-shirts and souvenirs are memorabilia good to take home at the exit point.

Check them out at 04 2626119 (Made in Penang Interactive Museum) and 04 2519694 (Dark Mansion).