Playful sea lions at Wildlife Theatre Melaka

Playful sea lions at Wildlife Theatre Melaka

Words and photos by Harny Khair

Sea lions are so well trained that they play basketball and kiss. Their playful antics will amuse you and have your children in stitches at the Wildlife Theatre Melaka.

Known by their individual names – John, Mary and Princess Anne – these sea lions from Chile promise to woo visitors with their tricks in the daily 20-minute shows at 11.30am and 5pm.

They will balance balls on their noses, clap their flippers, do flips in their pool, catch hoops and even make kisses.

A sea lion balancing a basketball under the instruction of its trainer.

Each having their own personal trainer, the sea lions are accustomed to interacting with people and seem comfortable performing tricks to entertain children.

With their adoring big round eyes and a twitch of their whiskers, it is enough to melt the heart of any animal lover. They are truly charmers.

A sea lion catching a hoop thrown by a spectator.

Other than the sea lions, the Wildlife Theatre also introduces visitors to reptiles like lizards. The Wildlife Theatre is a wonderful place for families to visit and learn more about animals. It is where children and learn about caring for the environment and conservation.

Children making friends with a lizard at the Wildlife Theatre Melaka.

Tickets to the show on weekdays are priced RM15 for adults and RM10 for children, senior citizens and the disabled.

Tickets on weekends, public holidays and school holidays are RM5 more expensive for all age categories.

The attraction closes on Mondays unless it falls on a public holiday or school holiday. Operation hours are from 9am to 6pm.

Wildlife Theatre Melaka is at Lot 101, Pulau Melaka 75000 Melaka. Contact 06-231 3333, email [email protected] or visit @wildlifetheatre on Facebook for more information.