Reinventing Hong Kong’s tourist allure

Reinventing Hong Kong’s tourist allure

Wan Chai in Hong Kong is the movie setting of “The World of Suzie Wong” a popular 1960 British-American drama film of the sleazy British colony before.

It was a film adapted from a book with the same name and it was about a businessman who moved to Hong Kong to pursue a career as an artist and fell in love with a prostitute he hired as a model.

Wan Chai was once the red-light district that is turned into an attraction especially for those willing to explore Hong Kong with a difference; a leisure walkabout to soak in the sights and sounds of authentic daily lives of the common Hong Kong neighbourhood.

Design District Hong Kong (#ddHK) is Hong Kong’s first creative tourism project that introduces visitors to storytelling guided tours. The project aims to lead residents and tourists to explore local history and designs in Wan Chai.

The innovation introduced by #ddHK included augmented reality app Behere_HKACT that we played with at Blue House – one of the pit stops – where visitors can use the online app to take a virtual photo of themselves joining in activities of people from the past back into the present.

We have had a lot of fun taking photos of ourselves that convey memories captured in templates of scenes of the past that we can pass on to the next generation. This app runs on iOS and hopefully will extend to Android devices soon.

Design District Hong Kong (#ddHK), a three-year Creative Tourism Project that started last year has also revealed six brand new “#ddPlace” ideas in Wan Chai last month.

Recently, #ddHK has introduced four guided tours with various themes for Hong Kong residents and tourists to participate, allowing them to experience and explore the local community, history and a few highlighted #ddHK designs from different angles. The guided tours run a total of 18 tours available in Cantonese, English and Mandarin.

In partnership with HKwalls, “#ddPaintHKWALLS”, one of the six thematic #ddPlace activations, over 30 murals have been created by highly acclaimed local and international artists on the walls of public and private buildings in the district.

The activation has further reinforced #ddHK’s vision to position Wan Chai as an “open-air design district gallery” by bringing arts and designs to the community.

With over 50 designs and artworks being created in different areas in Wan Chai, #ddHK inspires Hong Kongers and tourists to discover a different part of Hong Kong whilst appreciating creative design collaborations with deep-rooted connections to the community, as well as encouraging multi-functional use of public spaces through a series of artistic design forms.

Check out #ddHK here.