Roti Benggali

Roti Benggali

“Roti Benggali”, the traditional bread produced fresh from bakeries remains a hit  among people from all walks of life.

Its taste swoons and make people from near and far drool for the softness on the inner layer and crunchy crust on the outer layer.

It is best eaten with a layer of butter and kaya and half-boiled eggs. Taste  the lightly-toasted slices of bread while served fresh from the bread toaster or fired over charcoal daily for a good start to your day.

Foodies find the outer brown crust of the bread  that taste a tad bitter but yet crunchy. Many have vouched Roti Benggali is the best type of “Roti Bakar” (toasted bread) that Malaysians can offer to the visitors local and abroad, period.

The popular local delicacy, a household item remains ever popular and is available on wheels  is also known as “Roti Tawar” outside Penang in other states.

Where2 scoured for the best of Roti Benggali within the vicinity of George Town city to hunt for the best to satiate readers their cravings in tasting one of the best street food made famous in Penang.

Distributors, aptly known as “Roti Man” sell the popular local staple food on motorcycles. The famous Roti Man can be spotted waiting for customers along the streets in George Town. Some of them are still paddling on the boxy glass pane container on wheels

Ahmad Sabri Abdullah Hamid, 64, told Where2 that the Roti Benggali had seen brisk business to be the most sought after breakfast item at roadside warongs (stalls) in Penang.

“Despite stiff competition from other bakery items, the traditional bakery business is here to stay and our customers are teenagers and adults.

“The price of the Rori Benggali bakar has not gone up much. We have maintained the item to be affordable all these years,” he said when met.

The average price of the item being sold in George Town is about RM1.20 for two slices of bread.

Breakfast is the most important meal for everyone and Roti Benggali is the perfect food to feast prior to starting your day. Bon appetit.