Ryokan : Traditional Japanese Home Stay at its Best

Ryokan : Traditional Japanese Home Stay at its Best

By Phuah Ken Lin

The Ryokan, dubbed “The Four Seasons place”, is nestled in the foothill at Mount Fuji in a truly quaint setting. It is located close to Fujiten Ski Resort, a popular tourist spot for many skiing enthusiasts especially during winter from December to March.

where2 was there to relate the surreal experience in a majestically-decorated surrounding. The personal touch and attentive hospitality, as this writer can attest, makes the stay even more pleasant.

Step into a rustic Ryokan is akin to a living in a quaint surrounding to experience Japanese culture in a luxury setting at its best.

The facade of the ryokan.

To top it off, lodgers are treated to a feast befitting the royalty! Yes, the 4-5 course meal at the two-storey Ryokan is superb and the delectable spread is guaranteed to please the taste buds of ever-demanding seasonal foodies and travellers alike.

Ranging from the traditional Japanese food spread to sizzling hot plate, the meat is tender and succulent. A myriad spread of salad and all types of green served on the dining table are local produce, and you can be assured of its freshness. There is absolutely no way to top the gastronomical experience because nothing beats home-grown produce. The slices of Fuji apple is so crunchy and juicy, yay!

Menu planned for autumn.

Creative Kaiseiki, pre-order required.

I had a ball with first-hand experience at the in-house onsen (hot spring) below the rooms. The piped-in natural spring water is sure to nourish your soul and revive the senses, after savouring the wonderful dinner served at the dining room.

Immersing in the onsen was rejuvenating and each guest is re-energised at the quiet venue, and to bathe in the steaming hot water at the two bathrooms is a sure to uplift the spirit of those weary feet after a long day at outdoor activities in the Mount Fuji vicinity.

Perfect spot to watch Mount Fuji.

Outside the premises, the garden next to the ryokan houses a pond teeming with kois. The sound of flowing water from a mini fountain is so soothing and I am elated to find a home-away-from-home sanctuary to rest.

The cozy interior of the room.

On the final day, the owner even stepped out from his office to see me and my family off. I have told myself that I will come back one day. Who would pass this opportunity to re-visit the spot when the second-to-none Japanese hospitality makes lodgers feel so much welcome.

I can never forget the radiant smile from the hosts, its homely charming setting and the food, of course. Check out http://www.teiensaryo.com