Shell out dinner promotion at Lexis Suites Penang

Shell out dinner promotion at Lexis Suites Penang

Shell out dinners are normally served at restaurants and hawkers stall but the Lexis hotel has taken the lead to introduce the shell out dinner at its Roselle Coffeehouse at affordable prices.

For those who are not familiar to shell out dinners, one can expect your favourite seafood to be brought to the table in buckets and poured out on the table which are covered with tracing paper.  Selections include variety of fish, crabs, prawns, squids, cockles, crayfish and clams to name a few. Guests can also choose different type of sauces to go along with their seafood.

Guests enjoying the shell out dinner buffet.

“We have sourced the seafood from the local fishermen around Teluk Kumbar and Balik Pulau. Only the freshly caught haul is brought to us on a daily basis.” said Suffian Phoong, the hotel’s director of operations.

Huge variety of seafood on the menu.

The best way to enjoy your favourite crab and prawns would be using your hands to peel open the shells and enjoy the fresh succulent meat of the seafood.

Seafood galore on the buffet counter.

After your sumptuous dinner, guests can look forward to the dessert of cakes and fruits to end your meal.

The value for money shell out dinner is available every Saturdays and priced at RM68 nett (adults) and RM40 nett (children).

For more reservation and details call 04-628-2888.