Sultry Satrina

Sultry Satrina

Indonesian singer Nurhidyati Romza or better known as Satrina hopes to make it big in the local entertainment industry.

She is currently signed under the Worldwide Platinum Records based in George Town itself.

The bubbly lass with striking blonde hair is doing what she loves most.

“I love singing even from a very young age and this is my passion in life,” says Satrina when met by where2 recently at the Soju Club where she performs nightly with an international show band.

“Besides performing at the Soju Club, she sometimes gets the right inspiration to also write a couple of songs occasionally.

“It’s like I get addicted when I sing or write songs. I can spend hours dabbling in things I love most. Without this talent, I am not sure how I can survive,” adds Satrina with a wide smile.

Touching on her own compositions, she says the songs are mostly about her life experience.

“The songs… it’s about my life experience and it might be the same with everyone out there. The feeling is way deeper when I wrote it myself,” she adds.

She chose to be based in Penang because she loves the vibrancy and diverse community and history in the state.

She also takes pride in cutting her solo album entitled “Ketakutanku” with Worldwide Platinum and is very grateful for the opportunity.

“My first album is my greatest achievement in my whole life. To be honest I’m more nervous to sing my own songs. The feeling is so different between being really proud of myself and a sense of disbelief. It feels like I am living a dream.

“It’s dream come true for me,” she says, flashing a wide grin.

Among her favourite artists include Beyonce whom she finds inspiring and the former’s ability to exude positive vibes to the audience.

On her outstanding outlook, Satrina says that she likes to look edgy and sexy.

“Being in this business is never easy as there are so many great singers. Of course sometimes I doubt myself if I am good enough or not. And to be honest, sometimes the negativity gets upon me.”

Satrina says that at the end of the day, she would sit back and tell herself that she has to face challenges and not to compare herself to other people.

“I have to get up everyday and do the best for myself. But in all of this I have to stay humble and respectful,” she says adding that being real and truthful are some of the best attributes for anyone including herself.