Tattoo a fashion statement or being hip

Tattoo a fashion statement or being hip

Nowadays, having a tattoo or two amounts to something like making a fashion statement or being hip and trendy.

A classical microphone image near the ankle

The reasons for getting tattoo may vary from being a personal one like remembering a loved or just plain aesthetics.

Others just like to decorate their bodies with colourful images and slogans.

One such tattoo artist in George Town, Penang, is Phang Jit Hoong, 29, who operates his outlet in Prangin Mall in the heart of the city.

“I have been doing tattoos for clients for approximately eight years now.

“The fact that skin can be turned into art intrigues me. Being able to see my artistic creations on my clients motivate me to create better work day by day,” he said.

Phang (far right) with other tattoo artists during a gathering

Phang says nowadays, gender does not really apply when it comes to tattoos as both men and women are keen to decorate their bodies with his creations.

“I specialize in old school and neo-traditional styled tattoos. There is really no time limit as to how long it takes to get a tattoo done as it all depends on what we are working with in terms of design and style.”

“In my opinion, the size of a tattoo does not really matter, it is the quality as well as the details that matter.

“I think since we have evolved with time more and more people are able to accept body modifications.

“If you ask me why people want to get tattoo, I feel it is because people want to express themselves in terms of art and tattoos represent something of that genre that one can keep forever, solidifying the meaning of tattoos,” explained Phang.

A large koi fish image on the hip

An intricate flower image on the arm

The minimum charge for his work is around RM200 per piece or by the hour depending on what the tattoo requires.

While he regularly attends conventions to pick up new ideas and surf online as well, he is part of a group of tight knit friends (tattoo artists) who are all passionate about what they do and are not hesitant to share ideas with each other.