The Langkawi Signature local products

The Langkawi Signature local products

Every tourist will not fail to pick up some indigenous items or souvenirs, be it a popular locally-made snack or handicraft, to bring home.

These items are usually to remind them of an interesting place they had visited or shared with family members the savoury snacks they discovered abroad.

In Langkawi, The Langkawi Signature, a new outfit, seeks to build its business by feeding on this ‘tourist penchant’ while peddling local-made products with a twist.

Durian coffee tasting is served at its kiosk at the former Langkawi Produk Galeri premises opposite the front office of the Geopark Inn at Pekan Rabu.

Entrepreneur Rozita Md Arif is confident that durian coffee under its Langkawi Signature brand will be a hit among tourists, especially Chinese nationals that are coming by the plane-loads to the island.

Apart from durian coffee, the kiosk sells mint-flavoured coffee, virgin coconut oil, turmeric scrub soap and the usual T-shirts and caps. Soon, more products will be put on display including the local gamat (sea cucumber) lotion made especially for massage.

Gamat and its by-products have multiple health applications ranging from oil to balm and often served as a favourite Malay cuisine in local eateries.