Therapeutic Saline Hot Spring

Therapeutic Saline Hot Spring

Air Hangat Village is a Cultural and Wellness Village par excellence.

The ground saltwater is the only saline hot spring in this part of the world. Known for its therapeutic properties, the spa in this village proffers a unique experience to relax and heal.

If you are looking to ease your joint pains, aches or eczema, hop over to this village to soak in the mineral-rich salt water in your own privacy inside any of the 12 Jacuzzi available for rent.

The spa village, located about 14km from Kuah, has been refurbished with modern amenities for an immersive yet refreshing experience in hydrotherapy and its mud for cosmetic treatment.

Managed and Operated by LADA Eco Tourism Sdn Bhd, the village has a spa for foot reflexology and body massage to pamper and unwind while dipping themselves in pressurised jacuzzi.

The village’s touted five healing components are Fit, Slim, Detox, Anti-Aging and Relax. – all available at affordable packages that can be customised to suit guests with different needs.

The water temperature of the mineral-rich salt water is about 40 degree Celsius, just nice for the human body.

For visitors who just want to soak their feet in the salt water, check out the open public Romeo and Juliet Wells and learn why these two separate pools were called by ‘Jantan’ (male) or ‘Betina” (female) in their native Malay language.

Alternatively, at the Herb Garden, you may book your foot reflexology treatment while waiting for the in-house cultural show to begin.

Air Hangat Village boasts of its daily performance of a 15-minute cultural show comprising Malay traditional dances and dancers in period costumes.

As a wellness centre, the village has on display a Kelutut Bee Castle, nest of sting-less bees that are found in abundance in Langkawi.

The honey extracted tastes sweet sour and pleasant and contain floral fragrances to tantalize your taste buds. Kelulut honey has strong anti-bacterial and anti-toxin properties, good for dilation of blood vessels, to strengthen our immune system and for activation of cells.

Before you leave, it is advisable to walk to the viewing deck for a panoramic view to take in the lush greenery in the vicinity and glimpse at the local buffaloes called ‘kerbau’ in Malay and also spot various birds roosting there.

LADA Eco Tourism CEO Shuhainie Shamsudin says the company has completed its 1st phase of the makeover to re-position Air Hangat Village as a cultural and wellness centre and work to upgrade its amenities would continue.

“The re-branding is to tap into the total wellness market. Our aim is to promote to health-conscious groups, especially among those in the MICE market, the use of hot springs as an alternative way to heal and bring relief,” she says.

To the local tourists, she has this to say. Why pay more to visit the United States, Canada and Greece, the three other places overseas where saline hot springs are also found, when Langkawi is closer to home.