Twin Presgrave Corners

Twin Presgrave Corners

Words and photos by Phuah Ken Lin

​​Picture this: Two identical pre-war houses, painted in splendid white and fully renovated, is set to pander to the whims of ardent café hoppers and heritage enthusiasts.

At first glance, one can be forgiven for being confused by the two diagonally opposite “seemingly twins”, due to its similar facade at the junction of Lebuh Presgrave in the heart of George Town.

A closer look, however, shows the two tastefully-renovated premises actually house three units of double-storey shop houses each, and the only way to differentiate them is with the backdrop of Penang’s iconic landmark, KOMTAR.

The two near-identical majestic refurbished pre-war premises look imposing and face each other at the junction of Lebuh Presgrave and Lebuh Mcnair. The only distinction is the backdrop where the landmark Komtar building is located.

Where2 took the initiative to check out the upcoming swanky neighbourhood cafes that are expected to be ready by middle of this year, and the premises certainly exude the look to kill (read; your time).

What is so impressive about the premises is the preservation of its heritage and the extensive efforts put in to retain its 1930s look, courtesy of a company with Singaporean investors bent on sprucing up with a facelift.

Rows of pre-war shop houses in the inner city have come alive with their make-overs.

The Presgrave Corners will have an F&B outlet, saloon and galleries and shop outlets within are also sublet to other operators.

The site is expected to see a hive of activity come July, so food and coffee aficionados have even more compelling reasons to patronise the latest renovated spot.

Make you way there to soak in the atmosphere at the two diagonally opposite identical corner buildings which are the few left as urban renewal changes George Town’s skyline.