Vibrant rows of pre-war premises after make-over  

Vibrant rows of pre-war premises after make-over  

The big canvas of George Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is getting more colourful and vibrant these days as investors poured in money to restore these rows of shop houses to its past glory.

Bright coloured facades, and rows of them scattered within the heritage enclave have been given the much-needed facelift.

The renovated premises with fresh coats of paint in rainbow colours have exuded an air of excitement about these pre-war houses – both as attractive in broad daylight or glittering after dark amid LED lightings.

A walkabout along these rows of houses showed their premises have been turned into F&B outlets, hipster cafes, bistros and entertainment joints at Jalan Krian. Visitors are spoilt for choices where they can opt for a wide variety of food ranging from steamboat to Western cuisine and to wind down the day listening to live music performances.

At the T-junction in Jalan Nagore and Jalan Hutton, a row of heritage houses is under extensive renovation, likewise at Lebuh Chulia, the Sky Hotel is painted blue and several units of shop houses at the junction of Lebuh Chulia and Jalan Pintai Tali are given a new coat of yellow paint.

Check out the row of colourful shop houses converted into commercial buildings at Jalan Kek Chuan, and the stopover is destined to impress visitors with the multi-coloured pink, yellow and blue intertwined with ornate columns and intricate facades. A feast to the eyes if you happen to have a soft spot for colourful buildings.

Of late, foreigners have been snapping up the pre-war houses to convert them into F&B outlets and boutique hotels.

Behold for the changes in the inner city as urban renewal switches into a high gear. The dank dilapidated buildings will transform into vibrant landmarks in your next visit.

where2 is on hand to record the changes in the city’s skyline as newly restored premises take over the shape and contours of the heritage city of George Town. Stay tuned.