Choosing a trip to Langkawi made easy

Choosing a trip to Langkawi made easy

Often you hear visitors lamenting the difficulty in deciding what to do and where to visit with their short time in the legendary island of Langkawi.

You can be overwhelmed looking at the many interesting tourist places. So it means it is important to know what you want to see and manage your time to do it.

where2 shares our tips on an itinerary that will let you know Langkawi much better with a memory you will cherish when it’s time to leave.

First, you need to choose the right location where you stay. We would suggest Nadias Hotel as it is located in the heart of Pantai Cenang, the tourist belt where the action is.

Nadias Hotel at Pantai Cenang

Next is to decide the number of days of your trip that we feel should be adequate with no less than a 3 days 2 nights stay. Regardless if you are a nature lover or a shopaholic, our choice should meet your objective of making the most out of your stay in Langkawi.

Nadias Cafe provides a wide variety if cuisine from breakfast until dinner. (images courtesy of Nadias Hotel Cenang)

Rent a car and drive the nine-kilometer journey from the Langkawi International Airport to check in at Nadias Hotel. You will be welcomed by a friendly receptionist with a warm smile.

During your stay at Nadias, you would get the chance to enjoy the scenic view of swaying palms and the salty air. Step out of the hotel and you are smacked right on the strip of F&B outlets and gift shops with the Cenang Mall to grab all you need next door.

In the evening, the picturesque sea will tempt you to take a quiet walk along the beach without your shoes on to feel the moist sand and its softness. You will hear the soft sound of lapping waves.

By nightfall, step inside Cenang Mall for fast food or local hawker fare such as Curry Mee or Wanton Mee. Within the mall, you may window shop before having a drink at a bistro outside and listen to music from a live band playing.

DAY 2 – Wildlife Park Langkawi

Kids with snacks were surrounded by adorable rabbits. (image courtesy of Langkawi

In early morning, tuck in a good breakfast to get ready with a full day of activities. Head to Wildlife Park Langkawi, about 40 minutes away, and experience a safe and close encounter with the animals and birds that the park is popular for.  For the fourth year in a row, the park has been voted as one of the most popular attractions in Langkawi.

The park has over 120 species of adorable wild and tame animals in outdoor fenced-up zones and under a canopy. Feeding times are when you can help feed the little birds on both your palms. The ticklish sensations will make you feel squeamish.

From canopy to open zones, you will enjoy the different experiences interacting with different animals like emu, ostrich and deer.

A highlight for the more adventurous is feeding crocodiles with meat attached to a long pole and behind a fence in safety.

Perhaps, it’s a world first to have the shy mouse deer eating out of your hands or even better try holding the fruits with your lips.

Mouse deer is a much loved animal that is no stranger in children’s storybooks.


Sunset cruise
Your trip to Langkawi will not be complete without taking a sunset cruise to enjoy the many isles in Langkawi. The three-hour cruise sets off from the marina in Resort World Langawi in Porto Malai in Pantai Tengah.

Sunset viewing from the sea on Sunset Cruise. (Image courtesy of The Best of Asian)

Take home a perfect red sunset picture of yourself while enjoying buffet dinner on board. Dance to piped-in music while sipping your free flow of cocktails.

Take a plunge into the sea by jumping off the catamaran together with a lifeguard. Or simply enjoy a sea Jacuzzi for a mild back massage. If you are lucky, you may see a pod of playful dophins swimming alongside like we did.

By night, spend some walking at the night market (also known as pasar malam) that is nearby the hotel. The street market offers a wide variety of authentic Malay food and the prices of these street snacks are bearable.

Walk a short distance to visit the Underwater World Langkawi to see the African and Rockhopper penguins that are bred there. A sizeable colony is there. Also check out the Marmoset the smallest monkey in the Amazon and the fur seals during show times.

Before your departure, shop at duty-free shops to bring home souvenirs of your memorable trip.