Toy nostalgia

Toy nostalgia

Words and photos by Harny Abu Khair

When you were young, how many times did you wish your toys would suddenly come alive and play with you? Maybe as an adult, you may have blocked your inner child for too long already. How about revisiting your childhood friends at The Shore Toy Museum in Melaka?

The Shore Toy Museum CEO Chew Chert Fonf (in jacket) and his team taking care of the 100,000 of toys at the museum for everyone to enjoy.

The Shore Toy Museum that opened in October last year may probably be the most therapeutic solution to combat stress. Stocking more than 100,000 toy items, there will surely be at least one toy that can make you more excited than your children.

The Toy Museum is one of the three latest attractions at The Shore after The Shore Sky Tower and The Shore Oceanarium.

Do you still remember Super Mario (left)? Wonder Woman and of course Batman? They are waiting for you at the Shore Museum.

The superheroes are waiting for their fans.

These imported toys from Japan, Thailand and other countries are a collection of DC or Marvel superheroes, popular animated characters, cute toys, girly toys, trains and planes, Disney cartoon characters and dinosaurs among others.

Some of the toys are displayed in large glass cabinets but there are also big and life size heroes such as the Hulk, Stormtroopers, Batman, Superman, Superwoman, Spiderman and others. Visitors can take pictures with their heroes. Meanwhile, Batman fans are in for a treat as there is an elite Batmobile replica.

This Batmobile replica is a sure hit among the guys.

While the adults may glee with delight with the superheroes, Storm Troopers, toys such as the Robocar Poli, characters from animation film Frozen especially Olaf would appeal to the younger generation.

Not forgetting those who loves trains, ships, commercial airplanes, there are several glass cabinets dedicated to these vintage transportation. Learn and enjoy the type of vehicles used during World War One and World War Two.

Scale models of motorcycles used during World War One and World War Two.

Apart from that, there are also replicas of world famous monuments such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Big Ben in London at the museum. According to the Toy Museum Chief Executive Officer Chew Chert Fong, around RM3 million have been spent on the museum to make it another attraction at The Shore Shopping Gallery.

The tiny and cute version of the Stormtroopers.

“With the new Toy Museum here at The Shore, we hope we can contrib­ute to the tourism industry in Melaka;’ he says. The Shore Toy Museum is located on the 1st Floor, The Shore Shopping Gallery, The Shore. It opens from 10.30 am to 9pm daily. Ticket price for adult is RM30 and child is RM20 each.

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