Malaysia Truly Asia’s Cultural Extravaganza Dinner Show

Malaysia Truly Asia’s Cultural Extravaganza Dinner Show

By Looi Sue Chern

Every top tourism destination worth its salt has a premier Cultural Dinner Show or a Light and Sound Show to shout about.

In Langkawi that is recently voted by the prestigious Vogue Magazine as the 3rd out of the 10 hottest travel destinations 2017, it is the Cultural Extravaganza Show cum Dinner at the Aseania Resort and Spa.

While dining, be bewitched with a splendid dance performance that is matched with a display of colourful traditional costumes of the various peoples and their cultural influence in Asia.

This show performance that has won admiration the world over is brought to you by the former Tourism Minister Tan Sri Kadir Sheikh Fadzir. It was during his ministerial tenure that the popular tune “Malaysia Truly Asia’ was first coined gained international recognition. Another is the annual colourful CitaRasa dance extravanganza that has become a major event in the country’s tourism calendar.

Some 30 performers break out in traditional dances as they showcase the uniqueness and richness of the dances that trace its origin from the early recorded arrival of Indians in the country, followed by the Chinese, Arabs and the Europeans (read Portuguese, Dutch and English) with their cultural legacies.

The enthralling dance of East Malaysia; head-hunting Ibans of Sarawak with its skillful handling of spear and wooden shield is followed with Sabah’s awesome bamboo dance that showcases perfect foot coordination.

Next is the amazing Fire Show. It is a gripping performance of fire-eating that promises to mesmerize everyone during the entire two-hour cultural show and not just one but five performers will throw plumes of flames skyward.

By and large, these cultural dances resonate with the theme of the show, which is Malaysia Truly Asia. Guests are invited to take photos with the performers after the finale at the end of the show.

The dining experience is exquisite in itself with the spread of delectable local favourites, Indian & Chinese food, BBQ and Western cuisine. There are the usual soup and salad, pasta and grilled meat, fried rice with beef rendang and freshly grilled (chicken or beef) satay and seafood, shaved ice dessert and a variety of French petit as dessert to round up your dinner that starts from 7pm daily.

Diners can enjoy their buffet dinner by the poolside of the longest swimming pool in Langkawi with the rainforest waterfall as the backdrop. Protective transparent roofing – that the owners have invested in – means even if it rains, the dinner show will go on.

The resort’s air-conditioned Mahsuri International Restaurant and the poolside can hold up to 100 diners for the show. Showtime is from 8.15pm to 10.30pm every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

A live band will serenade guests with ballads, evergreens including reggae, and for those enjoying late night drinks by the poolside.

While for those who are nocturnal and starts their night after 12pm, the resort’s stylish Marrakesh musicteque, club and lounge will be the best place to chill out with family and friends in safety and comfort.

Dinner serves from 7pm daily. Show time from 8.15pm to 10.30pm every Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Reservation: +604 – 955 2020

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