Seafood Dining Redefined

Seafood Dining Redefined

Aseania Seafood Restaurant’s rooftop neon signage says it loud and clear; an unmistakable message, that it’s the place with a touch of class to dine in for seafood lovers.

Servings of live and fresh seafood in different cooking styles could not have been better than in Langkawi, an archipelago of 99 islands.

This restaurant inside Aseania Resort and Spa is strategically located at the junction of the popular Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah and has a seating capacity for 500 diners with indoor and outdoor dining areas.

Dining there is an experience that every tourist should not miss. It has tables set with a stunning seaview to watch a magnificent sunset on one side and a serene green rainforest waterfall backdrop on the other.

After a massive refurbishment, this restaurant opens on the Mezzanine Floor of Aseania Resort and Spa. There are ample parking bays in the resort compound so diners need not have to jostle for space outside.

Chef Kuan You, an award-winning cook, has more than a few tricks in his sleeves. His secret is to use the freshest of seafood, even live, and preparing them in his own unique ways to achieve excellence in taste. Each dish is so nicely presented that you would want to hold up your camera phone to snap a photo to share.

The signature dishes this restaurant is popular for are the Fried Fish with 3 sauces, Flying Buttered Prawns, Salted Egg Crab and Cheese Lobster.

Flying Buttered Prawns

The Fried Fish has three sauces to choose from to cater to customers with differing taste and preference, be it sweet, sour or spicy, all available in one dish.

Salted Egg Crab

Topping the list of his favourites, Chef Kuan You prides himself with his dish of Cheese Lobster, where he makes use of the tangy taste of cheddar cheese to bring out the freshness of the fried lobster.

Fried Fish with three sauces

Besides, the round table setting in the restaurant also caters for steamboat and grill orders or both for diners with more than two persons. Freshly prepared seafood are the main choices, together with fish balls, crab sticks and fish cakes.

While you dine, a live band will serenade every Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays from 8.00pm to 9.30pm.

It opens daily from 12 noon to 11pm. For reservation , call 04-9552020.