Melaka Historical City – Celebration 2016

Melaka Historical City – Celebration 2016

April 15 has been marked as the day to celebrate the declaration of Melaka as a Historical City. This year would be the 13th anniversary of celebration to appreciate the long and rich history of Melaka City.

From its golden era as a vital port for trading along the spice route, close ties with China, to subjugation led by Western imperial forces—Portuguese, Dutch, British—have imprinted Melaka with a multicultural hue of culture, cuisine, and belief.

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Melaka Historical City Day Celebration is organised by Melaka Historical City Council. There are loads of programs and festive events have been arranged for the day itself.melaka 5

This celebration is also enlivened by promotions and offers from various key tourism players in Melaka that participate in the campaign. Check out all their latest offers at their respective websites with the key word, ‘Attractions around Banda Hilir, Melaka’.

Come and bring along your loved ones to the historic city on the day!

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A day of celebration with traditional dances and fireworks.