Tie a Purple Ribbon

Tie a Purple Ribbon

You would have spotted rows of trees at the northeast side of Penang island wrapped with purple ribbons. It is not a fashion statement.

“Paint Penang Purple” with ribbons is a year-long cancer awareness campaign initiated by Penang Adventist Hospital as an effort to inform the public on how everyone can lend a hand in reducing the impact of the cancer disease on individuals, families and communities.

While cancer patients are often deemed to have no cure and are on the pathway of death, Penang Adventist Hospital is taking a stance to eradicate such stereotypes.

With their tagline “You Wont Fight Alone”, the public is encouraged to do their part in the fight against cancer, starting small from their homes.

“Paint Penang Purple” aims reach out to 10,000 lives and spread the message about the importance of cancer prevention and early detection and Adventist Hospital hopes that its effort will trigger a ripple effect of cancer awareness across the communities it serves.

Recently, a few hundreds of volunteers from Team Prudential, Dell and Adventist College of Nursing & Health Sciences spread out to tie purple cloth bands around 500 trees along Jalan Burma, Jalan Cantonment, Jalan Kelawai and Persiaran Gurney.