Penang Adventist Hospital’s charity drive for the needy

Penang Adventist Hospital’s charity drive for the needy

Words by Phuah Ken Lin and photos courtesy of Penang Adventist Hospital

Service above self

This sums up the efforts of Penang Adventist Hospital (PAH) as it continues to carry out charity drives to bring relief to the needy.

True to its tagline “God heals, we help,” the hospital is striving to provide medical assistance to its patients, placing the community’s interest above all.

The latest charity drive that has continued unabated by this 93-year-old not-for-profit hospital is the goal to raise RM1 million in its upcoming “Go Bald, Go the Distance Charity Head-Shaving & Food Carnival” on July 16.

PAH chief operating officer Dr Thomas Tean said what drives PAH to carry out charity drives is its mission to keep reaching out to help more patients in need of financial assistance.

“This aspiration is reflected in its effort to carry out the major fund raising event. The coming Go Bald event is the third time it is held after two previous successes. We would like to thank Good Samaritans who have stepped forward to raise funds for a good cause.

“They have our patients and the community’s well-being in mind when taking part in every charity project we carry out.

“What sets us apart is our passion to help the patients, like our founder the late Dr J Earl Gardner who had set an exemplary example,” he said.

Go Bald will be held at the hospital multi-storey car park at Level 7 from 10am to 3pm.

Dr Tean said the fund raised at the event will fill the coffers of the hospital’s Dr J Earl Gardner Fund, which aims at relieving the financial stress among the loved ones of patients who had to undergo major surgeries, ranging from scoliosis, stroke to amputation.

The Adventist Hospital is recognised as the leading charitable organization in Malaysia dedicated to carry out charity drives to ease the financial burden of patients.

PAH Charity Department manager Jenny Ooi said the Go Bald event would also publicise the work of the Dr J Earl Gardner Fund and to share the stories from patients who benefited from the charitable initiative.

“We aim to promote the availability of funds for needy patients through our various medical social services.

“The funds serve as a base line for us to reach out to the wider community,” she said, adding that some 500 people are expected to go bald for a good cause.

Dr J Earl Gardner Fund is one of the five funds under the purview of the hospital, the other four are Patient Heart Fund, Cancer Fund, Welfare Fund and General Fund.

As of end 2016, Adventist has through the funds it raised brought financial relief to some 110 needy patients and 30 nursing students.


A Helping Hand
Dr. J. Earl Gardner Fund

The young Dr J Earl Gardner

1) Asthmatic patient Mr Chan, 58, had to retire early as he suffers severe back pains which caused him to feel very uncomfortable. Various treatment brought only temporary relief. He decided to seek help at PAH after struggling with the pains for a while.

Doctors have advised that surgery should be done right away. Chan was reluctant knowing he could not afford the medical bill. With the help from PAH Social Welfare Fund, RM25,000 was disbursed to ease his burden.

The Heart Way
Patient Heart Fund

2) Mr Phuah is a 66 years old volunteer care taker of a Chinese temple and a part time taxi driver who is married with 2 children. What seemed to be a normal fever to him had turned out to be a heart problem which requires surgery that will cost him RM40,000.

At PAH, he was diagnosed with ischemic heart disease with three main blockages that needed immediate surgery, if not, a heart attack could set in.

Phuah’s case was referred to the Development Fund Committee where RM33,000 was approved to assist his medical bill.


Giants of Life
Cancer Fund

3) Ms. Tan, 45, is a pillar of strength for her family of four since the death of her husband in 2016 after being in coma for 11 years. In the past few months, she became unwell and was bleeding non-stop for days. A check-up confirmed she had cervical cancer.

By the time Tan was referred to PAH, the cancer had spread to the lymph. Tan’s case was highlighted and the committee approved RM26,000 to assist her. She is currently stable after chemotherapy and radiation treatment.


Hold On, Pain Ends
Welfare Fund

4) Mdm Vejayaletchumy has tolerated pains in her leg for the past 6 years caused by an ulcer that doesn’t seem to heal despite treatment. Her right leg swelled caused by blocked veins and she had difficulty walking.

Her neighbour had asked her to seek consultation at PAH. Her plight was highlighted to the Welfare Fund Committee which approved RM7,000 to help her pay for medical treatment. She is healed of her ulcer and walking with ease.

To support the event with donations, please bank in donations to

Bank : AM Bank (M) Berhad
Account name : Adventist Hospital & Clinic Services (M)
Account number : 082-201-200231-6 (Tax exempt receipt is applicable for donations above RM50.00)