Bora-Bora By Sunset

Bora-Bora By Sunset

Bora Bora by Sunset has the unique distinction of being the only beach bar and bistro in the popular tourist belt in Batu Ferringhi.

The eatery is not only popular with locals but also hordes of tourists who come to enjoy the sunset over the sea.

A huge rectangular bar awaits diners as they make their entrance to the outlet and more huts with cosy seating areas await.

If you are up to a round of pool, you will not be disappointed with the international standard pool table located on the far end but closer to the bar. Other than a huge range of cocktails, they also stock wines, whisky and other spirits to your desire. You can sip away the evening while enjoying the sunset as time stands still with the special someone by your side.

The food ranges from local to Western cuisine with fresh seafood on show which were caught earlier that evening.

The choices on the menu range from burgers, lamb and chicken chop, steak and local favourites like noodles and satay. Currently they are running wine and ladies night promotions with popular deejays taking to the console every weekend.