South Beat serenades

South Beat serenades

Catch three-piece band “South Beat” hailing from the Philippines performing nightly at the Bayview Georgetown Hotel’s lobby lounge nightly.

The band is led by its female lead singer Nerissa Naynes Roces, 32, who is also the band leader.

She is assisted on stage by Aprily Zaracena Limbo, 30, (female vocals) and Paulo Dela Cruz Ofalsa, 31, on the keyboard.

The group has many years of experience performing in major cities in China and have been together for more than five years.

“We were actually prepared to travel to China for another contract when our boss called us to say that the plans have been changed,” said Roces.

The trio performs ballads, retro hits and sentimental songs for the listening pleasure of guests at the hotel lobby.

They are also versatile in Spanish, Bollywood and Japanese numbers.

“We like George Town city as it has a diverse composition of hotel guests who also come to listen to our songs at the lobby lounge.

“Many of them often send in their requests for their favourite songs and we do not fail to fulfill their requests.

“We are also learning new songs in Hokkein and Malay to increase our repertoire,” said Limbo, 28.

South Beat starts nightly from 8.30pm onwards except Mondays.