Charlie’s lunch punch

Charlie’s lunch punch


Lunch punch is coined to deliver the strong message that the meals served here is no simple matter. An order is an unforgettable serving even for the big eaters. Dine with a vista of sailing boats and yachts and the feel of a light sea breeze. It is something to be yearned for while celebrating great times with family and friends. Here at Charlie’s Bar & Grill, lunch is not something that is taken lightly. The chefs at Charlie’s believe that cooking is a culinary art inherited since man learned to use fi re. Most of all, they believe in perfection in preparing the best meal for the guests. The restaurant serves an extensive menu of Malaysian and international cuisines to cater to the varied needs of its guests. where2 has had the chance to experience the afternoon breeze while indulging in delicious meals at Charlie’s. Here are our five best picks for authentic lunch dishes:

charlie-2BRAISED LAMB SHANK This is the Chef’s best pick at Charlie’s. First, the lamb shank is lightly seared to make it crispy on the outer layer before it is stewed slowly until the meat inside become tender. Taken with a small portion of cheese-minted Nishiki rice and selected stewed vegetables, the shank’s taste is preserved, giving it a succulent fl avour that melts in your mouth.

charlie-1BEEF BURGER The beef burger is an all-time favourite at Charlie’s. It comes in a huge portion with homemade beef patty wedged between slices of beef bacons and a spread of mayonnaise on toasted bread. The beef burger is a must-try dish, especially for burger lovers who seek the original taste of the patty.

charlie-4BEEF BACON WRAPPED CHICKEN ROULADE This classic European dish is fi nely cooked using chicken breast wrapped in beef bacon. The chicken is stuffed with cheese, adding more juiciness. The meal is meal is served with potato fries and baby vegetables.

charlie-3BBQ BEEF SPARE RIBS AU JUS This exotic dish is on the top list for those who enjoy fi ne dining. The beef is barbequed well and goes together with the light gravy made from the oils that stemmed from the meat when it is cooked. BBQ Beef Spare Ribs Au Jus is served with herbed mashed potatoes and baby vegetables to give a balanced taste to the meal.

charlie-6CLAYPOT NOODLES A truly Malaysian food, the dry egg- noodle is cooked in thick gravy fi lled with generous amount of vegetable, prawns, chicken, and eggs. The dish is prepared and served in a claypot that preserves its authentic taste while keeping the noodle freshly hot. It is also served with pickled green chilies that enhance the juicy taste of the gravy.